Hello, everyone! Now is Monday evening and we’re at Sun Spa Resort. We’re leaving for Quang Tri tomorrow morning. The 2020 Caravan Binh Tri Thien tour. Now we’re having a small party as a celebration after visiting Thien Duong cave. Today is a happy

Hello, everyone! Now is Monday evening and we’re at Sun Spa Resort. We’re leaving for Quang Tri tomorrow morning. The 2020 Caravan Binh Tri Thien tour. Now we’re having a small party as a celebration after visiting Thien Duong cave. Today is a happy and successful day. And we also want to welcome another VIP. That is Mr. Son! Our party Uncle Son! Mr. Son has come back! Just like a wedding! We’re just gonna have some drinks but it’s like a wedding party. Actually, I just planned to have a simple party but the owner of Sun Spa Resort We just got back from the tour then took shower for 15 minutes and now we see

An overwhelming party table. I didn’t think we’d have a big party. Come on in! You’re wearing like that to my wedding? Go take your seats. Sit anywhere you like. I’ll sit over there to do the review. Take a look at the buffet. We’re gonna have a buffet. Let’s take a look at it! Take a look at these dishes. Gosh! Salad! What kind of salad is it? Mixed salad. Come here to look at the dishes! Everyone! The owner invited us but she is nowhere to be seen. She threw me this party but she hasn’t showed up yet. What is this? Hi, Mister! Oh my gosh! Oh gosh! Almost 7 years! Long time no see. Where you going? You look handsome.

No, I don’t. She’s pretty. This is my wife. And this is Ms. Phuong Anh. Nice to meet you. She’s the owner of this place. You’re so pretty. We met 7 years ago. I’ve been here before. We made the show “Discover Vietnam with Robert Danhi”. We had lunch together. You don’t need to throw such a big party. I haven’t seen you for a while. Oh gosh! Like a wedding anniversary. Have you just got back from golf? Yes. So good! I’m a bit thin. Really? Everyone said that I look thin recently. The beauty of a mistress like her can kill us. Gosh! Why are you zooming in on her, Sang? Why don’t we sit at the table now? OK.

Let’s take a look at the buffet. I’ll show you the seafood we have. Oh gosh! I’ve been wondering what kind of broth this is. Quang Binh Banh Canh Quang Binh Banh Canh? Ah! It’s also called “Congee Soup”, right? Yes. Or Banh Canh Congee. Quang Binh Congee Soup. A specialty. So appealing! There’s crab at the bottom? Gosh! The ladle is so heavy. There are pork ribs. Pork ribs? This is Congee Soup. Shrimps and ribs. Is that so? The dish we had this morning was Crab Congee Soup. This is the handrolled Banh Canh. Handrolled Banh Canh. Take a look, everyone. These strands look like noodles, but they’re not.

Banh Canh strands in Quang Binh are different. It smells good. So chewy. The broth smells so good. Totally hand-rolled. Here are the shrimps! Look at them! Gosh! Look at this! Baby lobsters. Noble scallop. Gosh! They’re so big. They look like dual core clam. Be careful or you will fall in the pool, Sang. Grouper! What is that? We can have groupers grilled, right? I don’t know. It’s up to us. Can you guess what this fish is? We can grill them, can’t we? It’s scad. This is layang scad. I just know it belongs to Decapterus. It’s laying scad? It must be rich. We can have it grilled or

With tomato sauce. Chicken. Squid. Your favorite dish is here! Why are you hiding behind me? Cause I’m prettier than you. We have corn! Yay! Corn and sweet potato. I’ll have grilled corn. I really like grilled corn. We’re having seafood buffet. Why eat grilled corn? I’ll eat it later. Later. It’s so cool! This is Everyone today’s party is very special because it’s thrown right in front of the villa where I’m staying. If you have watched my room review video, you’ll recognize the villa over there. There’s a swimming pool. There are candles, too. So romantic! My kids would be crying if they saw this scene.

They would blame us for enjoying the trip ourselves instead of taking them along. This summer will come late. Look! Grilled scad! Your favorite dish! This is grilled laying scad. We also have grilled oysters. Everyone is already seated. Go get beer, everyone! So appetizing! Grilled fish is my favorite. Grilled oyster with scallion? And noble scallop. Put some more on the grill. I love freshly grilled food. Honestly, this is the first party we’ve ever had in front of a villa, right? So good. So cool. I’m starving. I love to smell grilled food. They look appetizing. There! Oh my gosh! Can you guys smell the grilled seafood? Can you? Please wait for a minute.

This one is They’re gonna be grilled! I’ll go make some mixed salad. Yes. Good idea. I just want to faint. OK. Now we say goodbye to the grill. Please make me a small bowl. It’s my starter. They serve not only seafood dishes but also Congee Soup. We have Congee Soup first, OK? Yes! You make one bowl after another? Yes. Oh. I’ll serve at your request. Then cook for all of us, please. Serve me first. Yes. I’m starving! It will take long. Uhm. It takes long. That’s OK. Waiting makes us realize the value and deliciousness of a dish. How long does it take? About 2 minutes. Is that so? Go grill oysters? I’ll eat them raw.

Eat them raw? They can be eaten raw? You should grill them. Go grill them. Grill all of them? Yup. Here you are. May I have some more scallion? Of course. Give me more, please. You have chili? Yes. It’s over there. If you wanna have Congee Soup, go get it yourself. Look at this everyone! Is there anyone like me? This is a seafood buffet but I have Congee Soup first. I’m so weird. I’ll add some fish sauce to enhance the flavor. There! I’m so glad to meet Phuong Anh again. No wonder a big party is thrown for us. I intended to have a small dinner at a restaurant instead of setting up tables here.

I didn’t think of that. It turned out to be her. The little sister who I met 7 years ago. Sit there. Sit where to catch the light? Any seat on that side. Well. Okay. I’ll sit here to avoid the flower vase. It will block my view to everything. OK. Sit down. Would you like to have beer or white wine? I think we’ll have a round of white wine before beer. OK. White wine first. Thank you. Have a seat, Phuong Anh. Sit down, everyone. Beautiful! I’ll put it aside. My bowl is getting cold. You sit here, babe. Where should I sit? Over here. Phuong Anh sits here. Is that so? Gosh! Sit down. Long time no see. Whose glass is it? Not yours? Whose glass is that? Help yourself.

Can you zoom in? Of course. I’ll eat it now. You like Banh Canh, right? I can’t imagine that at a 5star resort like this I still can enjoy local traditional dishes like this. Earlier you said that these Banh Canh strands are handmade, right? Yes. Handrolled. – Hand-rolled. So delicious! There’s a yolk. What do you eat? I’ll eat first. Go ahead. It’s getting cold. You want a small bowl of fish sauce? I’m starving to death! The trip to Thien Duong cave was amazing! I didn’t even want to go home. I should’ve gone another 7km. It’s cool inside like an air conditioner, right? I’ll call it “The Paradise’s Refrigerator.” The cave itself is cold.

We can also take a mud bath in there. No! That is a different cave. Yes. Near this cave. Did you guys feel tired climbing the caves? No. No one was tired. It was fun. The sight was beautiful. Scenic beauty gave us strength. At first, we heard it would take us 3 hours. Actually, climbing up and down takes 2 hours. Sightseeing takes another 2 hours. The ribs are good. Yes! Where have they gone? The broth is tasty. They’re getting their food? Taste like fresh noodles. Banh Canh? Yes. Who could get Mr. Son a bowl of Banh Canh so he can stay at the table? I’m glad Mr. Son came. May I take the veggie? Go ahead.

This is my starter. . So good!. Banh Canh here is real special.. It’s like noodles.. But chewier.. Made of rice flour.. Please be seated. Let’s cheers.. I’ll finish my bowl when they come out.. Everyone eats Banh Canh.. Waiting in line.. Is that so?. Everyone prefers Banh Canh to seafood.. Choked on chili.. Gosh!. So much chili. Drink water.. You put too much chili.. Gosh! So much chili!. It’s good.. I’m of Quang Binh origin.. My grandpa used to live in Le Thuy.. Then moved to Hue.. Mr. Giap also came from there. Yes. That’s right.. My grandpa went to the same school with him. Yes.. He was in lower grade than Mr. Giap. . He was an inspector for France and engaged in revolutionary activity. . Then he was killed by the French authorities. . I’m so charming. I’ll be criticized for sure. . I kept eating without saying a word..

Please forgive me. . I’m always true to myself. Eat when hungry, drink when thirsty. . That’s it.. Now, let’s toast!. Cheers! Here’s to your health! Thank you for setting up a table. Cheers, beauty!. A table that I have never So magnificent! . I’ve been to many places but this is the most beautiful party table I’ve ever seen.. Behind is a pool.. With candles.. Today is your wedding anniversary?. Oh my gosh. . Like an anniversary but it’s not. . You can celebrate your wedding anniversary with your kids here. . My wife mentioned that.. She wants the kids to stay here for some days.. We enjoyed climbing Thien Duong Cave. Kids love sea. . But I’m afraid they can’t. . They’re too young. No. Kids can climb well. . 3 or 4 year old kids can climb. They’re strong. They can stand heat and cold. . Let’s toast, Mr. Son!.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Here’s to your health! Here’s to your health! Cheers! Let’s toast! The first round of champagne. Not champagne. White wine. Gosh! All your employees are all pretty. And they do work really hard. But they’re still pretty. Please help me. Thanks. Hey! Clear. OK. Done! Excellent! I’ll have seafood next. The layang scads look delicious. Layang scads. They’re ready. Bring out the scads. Layang scads? Yes. Go get me some, Cuong. Yes. Go see if they’re ready and get me some. They look good. You’re not eating, Phuong Anh? I’ve already eaten. I’ll eat with my family later. Really? You play golf every day? I work out.

How long have you been working out? Not long. A couple of months. Layang scad. Seafood is Quang Binh’s specialty. Wrap it in veggie. OK. Scads are very rich. It’s so sweet. You have pepper salt? Just chili salt. That’s pepper salt! Gosh! You guys all have Banh Canh? Hungry? They climbed too much. That’s right. Next time I’ll definitely go on the 7km tour. We’ll be paddling along the cave and picking daffodils. Today the tour guide was so nice and good at giving information to tourists. She knows everything. She’s a local there. Yes. It was so good. Why are you not sitting in the middle? The scad is so good.

Wanna have some? Yes. The decoration looks like a wedding. It’s so funny. You’ll have dinner later? I’ve already eaten at home. I don’t want you to watch me eating like this. I’m just drinking. I like to drink. Is that so? Ah! Gosh! Why didn’t you tell me at first? No. I can’t drink. I’m just kidding. Can you guys imagine how beautiful Phuong Anh was 7 years ago? 7 years ago! Now I’m ugly. No, you’re not! Now you’re still pretty, which means that you were prettier 7 years ago. We all have to age. So talented. You’re running this place? You look the same. The same? No way! I’m old now.

I’m weaker now. Your health, right? I look good on the outside, not on the inside. Do you play any sport? I used to play golf. I played tennis and golf. But now I don’t. Not anymore. Now I travel around do review to post on YouTube. Travel all the time. Honey. Link arms and drink. Just do it! The wine is great. If an event happens after 9 months please inform me. If an event happens after 9 months Then call me. You get it? Yes. Big event. Memory in Quang Binh. Memory in Quang Binh. This is like a Milestone? It’s fate. It’s a gift that God gives us. So good! Eat it if you want an “event”.

Eat oyster to have an “event”.. What you mean?. What do you want?. What do I want?. A boy or a girl?. Nonsense! . Eat fish to have a boy. Eat oyster to have a girl. . Why is that?. I just said it.. Let’s have some beer. . No, thanks. . Save it for the girls. . I’m a strange person. . I usually drink beer so I’ve got a big belly. . More refreshing? Yeah. And cool. . I can’t drink wine. . I don’t like to drink it as well. . But I can drink lots of beer. . I can distinguish between good and bad beer. . I can’t drink so I seldom drink.. But I’ll drink at crowded parties. This villa looks great. . Is this ground about 1000 square meters?. Or more? 500 square meters. . 500? But it looks so huge. . Because it’s located at the mouth of the sea. . You can see an island during the day. . It adjoins the sea and the river..

Sun Spa Resort is special because it adjoins the sea and the river. . Right at the mouth of the sea. . It makes me feel good. . Other places either adjoin the sea or adjoin the river. . This place adjoins both. . It’s easy to get here. . I can see the residential areas in the distance. . Actually they are all ships and boats. . They look like a city, but they’re ships. . Have you all got your glass?. Let’s congratulate ourselves on our successful day. . Our trip to Thien Duong cave was very interesting. . Then we experienced the Dark Cave. . There are many types of tourism here. Next time there will be a hot spring. . Really? Yes. . Oh. When will it be built?. It’s being built. It’ll open later this year. . With the highest temperature in Vietnam 55°C. Highest temperature in Vietnam? Yes. . That’s just the surface. The bottom will be even hotter..

About 200°C. How many people does a hall can seat? About 1800. 1800? The 13th anniversary can be held here. Nga or Ha. Where is Ha? Right next to you. She’ll get your contact to Ah! Nga usually contacts Trang, right? No, I’m Mr. Dien’s secretary. Nga isn’t. She’s right there. I think we can do team building right in the front yard. Yes. Right? Yes. The lawn is big. It’s spacious. We can also throw a pool party. Gosh! Then we can go on an expedition to the caves. Everything is here. My staff will have a day to explore the amazing Thien Duong Cave. You can do team building there. Huh? Team building in Thien Duong cave.

Team building? Yes. . Gosh! No one has done that. . Possible? Yes. Do whatever you want. . I’m so poor! . I really want to. . Let’s party tonight. . Ms. Phuong Anh supports us tonight. . It’s so peaceful and quiet because there are few people here. . I like the weather today. . I’ve been to many places and provinces, which are really beautiful but. Going to the woods is relaxing. Yes. . There are forests, sea, and rivers. . The feeling is so good. We can book a carriage. . Sai GonDong Hoi. – You can catch squid next time. . There’s a night tour. What carriage?. Train! Train? That’s a good idea! . It takes longer if you travel by train. . Almost 2 days or 1.5? No! . It takes 29 hours to travel to Ha Noi by express train. . From Saigon to Hanoi. . If we stop at Quang Binh It’ll take 1.5 day..

If we book airline tickets in advance, it won’t cost much. . Cheaper than train. Yes, about 25 dollars. . About 25 dollars for a ticket. Right. . Plane is much cheaper. . What matters is this resort has a big conference hall. . Cheers! . Here’s to your health. We’ll take care of our kids tomorrow. . Our wedding anniversary should end here. . Here’s to your health. I’d like to thank Phuong Anh as well as. the cooks and waiters of Sun Spa Resort for being nice to us. . Their voices are lovely. Enjoy yourself. . I’ve got to go now ’cause my husband’s family has come to visit.. I’ll see you guys soon. . Thank you, everyone. . Phuong Anh has eyes that can speak and smile. . Can you notice?. She has a good life. . You can be a fortune teller. . Am I right?. Thank you so much. It’s been 7 years. Bye, everyone!.

See you again! Thank you so much. Stay longer next time so we can talk more. You gave me a really big treat. Bye, guys! We should think more about the 13th anniversary. Dear everyone. Actually a buffet or a dinner party with seafood and stuff like that can be held anywhere. But it’ll be special when being held in a cozy space like this. What I like most is that the lawn is only a few steps away from the villa. A table with 20 seats. Right behind it is a pool and far away is the sea breeze. So amazing. That’s what life is all about. I feel so happy. Here’s to your health! The 2020 Caravan Binh Tri Thien tour


https://youtu.be/YDj8IrWBigQHello, everyone! Now is Monday evening and we’re at Sun Spa Resort. We’re leaving for Quang Tri tomorrow morning. The 2020 Caravan Binh Tri Thien tour. Now we’re having a small party as a celebration after visiting Thien Duong cave. Today is a happy